POST TIME: 28 October, 2017 11:10:32 PM / LAST MODIFIED: 29 October, 2017 01:29:50 AM
Mindless brutality
8 puppies, 2 dogs buried alive in Rampura
Staff reporter

Mindless brutality

Animal welfare activists dig out the remains of the dogs and puppies yesterday that were buried alive in the capital’s Rampur area. Photo: Courtesy

In an act of mindless brutality, two female dogs and at least eight puppies were buried alive allegedly by a security guard in Rampura area of the capital on Wednesday. The incident came to light after animal welfare activists learned about the matter and dug out the remains yesterday.

A general diary was filed over the incident with Rampura Police Station. Prolay Kumar Saha, officer in-charge of Rampura police confirmed that the general dairy was filed by animal welfare activists and investigation is being carried out as per the law.

According to an eyewitness, the puppies were packed in two sacks after breaking their bones and the mother dogs were also brutalised and dumped in a hole already dug up. They alleged that night guard Siddique buried the dogs alive and then filled the cavity with earth. Some activists claimed that the night guard was acting upon instructions of Bagichartak Welfare Association’s officials. The association officials could not be contacted immediately.

After animal welfare activists learned about the incident from locals, about 50 people affiliated with animals welfare groups People for Animal Welfare (Paw) Foundation and Care for Paws (CFP) gathered in Rampura yesterday morning and informed the matter to the local police. Later, they dug out the remains of the 2 dogs and 8 puppies and filed a complaint with the police.
A local claimed that the night guard took the action after a child was bitted by one of the mother dogs. However, the incident could not be verified. Local animal welfare activists said killing of cats and dogs happen intermittently in the area due to lack of awareness among the people.

When contacted, Rakibul Haq Emil of PAW Foundation said after learning about the incident, he contacted animal rights activists and arranged for yesterday’s gathering. He also urged other animal welfare groups to join the initiative to stand against cruelty to animals.


Sourav Shamim, chairman of CFP, said they communicated with law enforces and various activists groups to create awareness against cruelty to animals. Such brutality towards any living creature is unacceptable and these practices eventually lead to attacks and crimes against humans, he said. Any incidence of cruelty against animals, particularly companion animals like dogs and cats, must be dealt-with strongly as per the law, he said.

The two animal welfare organisations, run by volunteers and charity, are working in the capital to rescue ailing stray animals and provide free treatment at their clinics including neuter and spraying to reduce stray animal population on the streets. They also provide temporary shelter for disable or ill animals and campaign on awareness to prevent cruelty to animals.