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Theatre Art Unit stages ‘Amina Sundari’ at Mahila Samiti today
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Theatre Art Unit stages ‘Amina Sundari’ at Mahila Samiti today

Theatre Art Unit will stage their much-acclaimed play ‘Amina Sundari’ at 7pm today at the Mahila Samiti Mancha in the capital’s Baily Road area.

The late S.M. Solaiman dramatised it from the 300-year-old folktale of Bheluya Sundari, periodically theatricalised there by various hands since the 1960s. The play is directed by Rokeya Rafique Baby which describes the heroine’s loyalty to her husband who sailed to Myanmar, where he deceptively remarries. After ten years of travails, Amina lands in the clutches of a merchant, into whose house her now destitute husband stumbles. He recognises her, but the first thing he asks is about her chastity.

The three actresses performed the role of Amina - especially Anika Mahin Eka with her rich singing - brought out the feminist theme un-melodramatically, while the men behave like rank villains or fools such as Shujan, the best of the caricaturists, leers behind Amina in the drama. Even though the story is 300 years old, it’s still the persistent reality of almost all women and households in the male dominated society which made the play as the story of thousands of women, portrayed by three Aminas.

The cast of the play includes Shimul Khan, Sadia Safa, Proshanta Haldar, Tania Chowdhury, Sujan, Ferdous Amin Biplob, Abul Hasnat, Saif Suman, Deepta Rakkhita, Swadhin Shah, Kamruzzaman Millat and Chandan Reza, among others.

Tickets will be available in front of the hall before the show. For tickets, interested audience can contact at 01819213863.

Where: Mahila Samiti, Baily Road

When: 7pm, today