POST TIME: 6 December, 2017 12:16:04 AM / LAST MODIFIED: 6 December, 2017 10:31:34 AM
Private universities seek loans against lands

Private universities seek loans against lands

The Association of Non-Government Universities of Bangladesh (ANUB) has urged the government to let private universities avail loan facilities against university lands although the Private University Act 2010 does not allow mortgage or handover university lands for alterfacilities. The association has also sought the extension of time from the government to shift to their permanent campuses. The government, in response, asked them to apply for such extension, and assured them to consider their issue.

The government earlier asked the private universities to move to their permanent campuses by December, failing which, admissions to such universities will be closed from January 2018.

“Under the present Act, the authorities of private universities cannot mortgage university lands for bank loan. We’ve sought this facility to be included in the Act,” ANUB President Sheikh Kabir Hossain told The Independent.

The association members held a meeting with the education secretary, Sohrab Hossain, at the secretariat in the capital recently to discuss the issues. “We’ve discussed the issue of shifting to permanent campuses. We’ve told the government that it should speak to the respective universities. The education secretary asked us to submit an application in this regard,” Kabir said.

The meeting also discussed the semesters of the private universities, he said.

Currently, the private universities have three semesters in a year, but the government has proposed to reduce them to two semesters so that students get more time for studies. “We’ve asked the government to keep three semesters, instead of two,” he added. Zinnat Rehena, the deputy secretary (private university) of the education ministry, said, “The association has submitted several proposals, including shifting to the permanent campus and semesters.”

She added, “Their proposals will be considered as per rules and regulations.”