POST TIME: 6 December, 2017 08:38:03 AM
Liza lends vocal to Rabindra Sangeet for first time
DL Reporter

Liza lends vocal to Rabindra Sangeet for first time

‘Close Up 1’ champion singer Liza used to take lessons in Nazrul Sangeet in her childhood. Under the guidance of Ostad Anwar Hossain Bulu of Mymensingh, Liza was grown up as an accomplished singer. On the contrary, she had nervousness towards Rabindra Sangeet. As a result, she remained absent in the arena of Rabindra Sangeet till now, though she had success stories about winning awards in Nazrul Sangeet However, Liza has now a new story about Rabindra Sangeet to share with her fans.

For the first time, the singer has lent her vocal to a Rabindra Sangeet. The audience will get to enjoy three popular songs of Rabindranath together in one track rendered by Liza recently.

The songs are ‘Tumi Robe Nirobe’, ‘Tumi Kon Kanoner Phul’ and ‘Tumi Sondhyaro Meghmala’. Initiated by singer Nirjhar, the music arrangement of the song has been done by Shan. The recording of the song completed yesterday.

Liza said about her new experience, “I have sung a Rabindra Sangeet for the first time. Nirjhar has also lent his vocal to the song with me. I never find Tagore songs easy for me.

For this reason, I never tried to sing a Rabindra Sangeet at all. But with the inspiration from Nirjhar and Shan, I have lent my vocal to the song pretending to be courageous. Now the audience can judge better how my performance is.” The song will be released on YouTube very soon, Liza informed. On the other hand, Liza will perform in a stage show in the capital tomorrow.