POST TIME: 7 December, 2017 08:59:18 AM
Hotel Grace 21 offers exclusive buffet breakfast
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Hotel Grace 21 offers exclusive buffet breakfast

Breakfast is most important meal of the day because it adds extra energy to do heavy work throughout the day. A proper breakfast can make or break our day, so it is not only important to have breakfast, but also have a proper one. For this reason, city’s newest 4 star Hotel Grace 21 is offering a lavish breakfast buffet for you to save time the hassles of making breakfast every morning.

At the La Gracia restaurant 55+ items are offered in the buffet breakfast  menu, customers can enjoy spread features a wide selection of fresh juices, fruits and different types of cake, pickles, vegetables, chocolate croissant, plain croissant, luchi, chapatti and many more items.   

Guests can avail this buffet breakfast at 599 BDT. For query and book a table, one can call at +8801700707735 and +8801700707741 or visit www.facebook.com/hotelgrace21.  

Hotel Grace 21: House 1& 3, Road 21, Nikunja