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President likely to highlight 9 issues in JS
Cabinet approves draft speech
Special Correspondent

President likely to highlight 9 issues in JS

President Md Abdul Hamid is likely to highlight nine issues in his speech to be delivered in next year’s first session of Parliament, indicates the draft speech prepared by the Cabinet Division. The draft speech has been approved by the Cabinet in its meeting held yesterday. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is said to have endorsed the draft.

The issues to be touched upon are the country’s overall economic scenario, its successes and initiatives relating to socio-economic development, the different programmes taken up to achieve Goal-2021, the implementation of various ICT-related programmes towards Digital Bangladesh, the employment situation at home and abroad, the expansion of social safety net programmes, an update on the status of trials of those accused of committing crimes against humanity in 1971, the successes achieved in terms of foreign relations, and directives to develop the country’s civil administration.

The President will deliver the speech in January when Parliament commences its first session of the coming year.

According to Section 73 (2) of the Constitution, the President addresses the first session of Parliament after a general election and during the commencement of the opening session each year.

The first session of the 10th Parliament was held on January 29, 2014, after the country’s national poll held that year.

A senior official of the Parliament Secretariat said the first session of 2018 is likely to be held in the third week of January. The general election to form the 10th parliament was held on January 5,  2014. The poll was boycotted by the BNP-led 18-Party Alliance. The Awami League (AL) won the election by a huge majority.

On January 12, the new government, led by Sheikh Hasina, took oath, while the tenure of the 9th Parliament ended on January 24.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet expressed profound shock and grief at the death of Annisul Huq, mayor of the Dhaka Borth City Corporation, who died in a London hospital on November 30.