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Shahnoor busy with four TV drama serials
The actress celebrates birthday in homely manner today
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Shahnoor busy with four TV drama serials

Audience-admired actress Shahnoor is busy nowadays with her schedule for small screen production. Although she made her debut in acting on the big screens, now she is more busy with TV drama serial projects. Apart from acting in three ongoing drama serials—‘Nir Khojey Gangchil’, ‘Action Goyenda’ and ‘High Society’, she has just started working on a new drama serial titled ‘Asha Nirashar Majhey’—directed by Azad Abul Kalam.

DhakaLive has news that Shahnoor will be also acting in Eid tele-dramas and telefilms and will remain busy throughout this month. She also confirmed that after finishing these works, she will start directing her two new tele-dramas.

Today is also the birthday of  Shahnoor and she will celebrate this day with her mother. Also, she has arranged a feast for poor and orphans.

“My birthday will be as the same as every year. I am thankful to the almighty Allah for giving me this good life. I like to spend time with my mother not just on my birthday, but everyday. My whole world revolves around her. So like every year, it is my wish to celebrate my birthday in a homely manner if possible,” Shahnoor said.

Actress Shahnoor has so far worked in over 300 tele-dramas and over 50 films in her acting career. Recently, she has finished working is Zahid Hossain’s ‘Lilamonthon’ and Faruk Hossian’s ‘Kaktarua’. Her last film titled ‘Opohoron’, directed by Babu Roy, was released in Kolkata last Eid. l

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