POST TIME: 12 February, 2018 10:13:00 AM
‘Panchforon’ to be aired on Valentine’s Day
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‘Panchforon’ to be aired on Valentine’s Day

Mir Sabbir and Sazu Khadem will appear as anchors. Photo l courtesy

Fagun Audio Vision’s special occasion magazine show ‘Panchforon’ is all set to make a comeback on this Valentine’s Day. The latest episode of ‘Panchforon’ is hosted by actors Sazu Khadem and Mir Sabbir. With the unique format of the show, Sazu Khadem and Mir Sabbir keep unfolding one after the another segments as they will appear as two friends to talk about contemporary issues and various items of the show.

The show this time contains three songs. Veteran singer Selim Chowdhury has sung one song which is written by Ishtiaque Rupu and tuned and composed by Abid Rony. There is also a duet song by Protik Hasan and Anika. Written by Sudip Kumar Dip, the song is composed by Protik Hasan. Band Durbin and Shahid have sung a regional song which is written, tuned and composed by Shahid himself. All the songs have been shot in some picturesque locales around Dhaka.

‘Panchforon’ is also known for airing inspirational and unique mini documentaries. Keeping up with this trend, this episode of ‘Panchforon’ will broadcast three documentaries; one is about an inspirational auto driver, another one about the relationship of a man with his villagers and the third one is about a unique physical activity of a person.

Besides, the show also boasts with comedy skits on the Valentine’s Day.

Sponsored by Keya Cosmetics Limited, magazine show ‘Panchforon’ will be aired on the Valentine’s Day (February 14) at 8pm on ATN Bangla. l