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‘I always want to end my acting career as a hero’
Coming into the limelight with the Indo-Bangla film ‘Hothat Brishti’, Ferdous Ahmed—an immensely popular actor in the film industries of both Bangladesh and Kolkata—has won the prestigious National Film Award four times. With his brilliant performances over the years, Ferdous has already cemented his position in the industry while capturing the hearts of thousands of viewers. The actor recently completed 20 years of his career and is looking forward to continue his journey as an iconic hero.

‘I always want to end 
my acting career as a hero’

Abu Mohammad Masani reveals more about Ferdous’ film career and related matters in an exclusive interview. Excerpts follow:





When you look back, how do you find your 20-year journey in the film industry?

It’s been a journey of 20 glorious years! Yet, it seems as though I stepped into the industry just yesterday. It’s been a wonderful journey, which has given me many things. I am grateful to the Almighty Allah for all these precious gifts, such as the four-time National Film Award and the love and respect of the fans and audiences in Bangladesh and India. It would not have been possible without the support of my industry, my producers, directors, co-artistes and other people related to films. And last but not the least, I am extremely grateful to my family members. It’s for them that I am Ferdous today.

What do you see when you look forward?

I want to give much more to my country, where I have found my name and fame. I have given many hit movies and some flops, too. And I have learnt from my mistakes. I think it’s a part of my job. People have loved me from the beginning of my journey in the industry, which I always consider a great achievement. I don’t feel any regret as an artiste. I still enjoy my work.

What are your plans for the coming days?

I want to act only in a few selected movies, which would be remembered for many years.

What are the reasons behind your decision to work in fewer films nowadays?

Basically, I am working in fewer movies now because they lack variation. Directors are coming to me with the same characters time and time again. Cinema is my love. But I want change and variation in my job. I want to give work with more potential to my audiences and I know I am a hard-working actor with great potential. If necessary, I will do a single movie in a year, but it should be a quality film and I should have a central role.

What are your future plans with your production?

I am working with three scripts now. After scrutinising them carefully, I’ll decide what to do with them. I’ve also signed three films recently.

What would your identity be after 10 years?

I may go into retirement (smiles). Jokes apart, I can say that the next five years would be very crucial for me. I’ll work in films seriously, and it’ll always be the role of a hero. Then I’ll decide whether I’ll play other roles or not. As of now, I don’t have any plans to direct a film. I think that would be a tough job for me. If I direct films, I won’t be able to concentrate on acting.

To me, a hero means a hero. My entry into the world of films was as a hero, and so, I always want to end my acting career as a hero.


Photo courtesy : Mohsin Ahmed