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Bangla, English contents slashed by one third
Gazette for revised syllabus this week

Bangla, English contents slashed by one third

In order to lessen pressure on students, the education ministry has revised the Bangla and English syllabuses for the Junior School Certificate (JSC) examinations downsizing the contents by about one third, sources in the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka said.

Talking to The Independent yesterday, they said the gazette for the revised Bangla and English syllabuses for the JSC exams scheduled for November is likely to be published this week.

“Some chapters of the two subjects (Bangla and English) have been dropped and nothing has been added in the revised syllabus … students have nothing to worry about,” Dhaka board Chairman yesterday.

The syllabuses have been revised in order to reduce pressure on students, and the students will now read less, he added saying, “such a revision will reduce their study load by around 33 per cent.”

Students will not face any problem with the revised syllabus as it has been downsized by about 33 per cent there have been no new chapters other than dropping would be any problem for the JSC examinees as they would, the sources added.

However, some students said they were anxious over the sudden change in the syllabus just five months ahead of the examinations.

On the other hand, academicians said there was no necessity of holding the primary examination completion (PEC) and JSC examinations and instead improving classroom teachings should be given importance.

Following the education ministry’s decision, 200 marks have been cut from the JSC examinations in order to ease the study load of students. There will be a single exam of 100 marks for the first and the second papers of Bangla. Earlier, two separate exams were held for the two papers, with total marks of 150. But now there will be one paper for Bangla and one paper for English.

Following the change, the JSC examinations will carry a total of 650 marks instead of the previous 850 marks.

On the other hand, the respective educational institutions will evaluate optional papers such as agriculture and domestic science, which carry 100 marks each. The school authorities would send the marks to the respective boards after evaluation.

The boards will only mention the marks for the optional papers in the mark certificate, but these marks will not be added with the marks of other subjects.

As per the revised syllabus for the Bangla paper, sources said that one prose titled “Shilpakalar Nana Dik” by Mustafa Monwar has been dropped since such learning was included in the essay “Amader Lokoshilpa”. Moreover, three poems—“Nodir Swapna” by Buddhadev Basu, “Jago Tobe Oronno Konnara” by Sufia Kamal and “Prarthi” by Sukanta Bhattachariya—were dropped as the subject matters of these poems are found in other poems such as “Abar Asibo Firey”.

The stories of “Sohopat” (Anandapat) have been dropped from the Bangla paper as these stories can be found in other lessons of prose and poems of “Sahitya Konica”.

From the Bangla grammar portion, “Bahubachan Gotoner Niyom O Udahoron”, “Bisheser Srenibivag”, “Nirdeshak Sorbonamer Rup”, “Sokormok O Okormok Kriya”, “Shobdogoton: Prothomik Dharona”, “Ovidhan”, “Bornonanukrom”, “Bhukti O Shirsha Shabdo”, “Ekoi Shabdo Bivinnon Orthey Proyog Kore Bakkaya Rochona”, and “Biporitarthok Shabdo Proyoge Bakkya Rochona” have been dropped because they were also part of the lessons for Classes VI and VII.

From the “Nirmiti” part of Bangla grammar, the chapters on “Onuchhed” and “Anudhaban” have been dropped.

As per the revised syllabus for the English paper, three units—Unit 3, Unit 4 and Unit 8—have been dropped from English for Today.

From the grammar and composition part, degree of comparison, gerund and participle, modals, and linking words have been dropped. Summary writing and completing story have also been dropped.

The marks distribution for English paper would be 100 marks under four parts—Part A: seen part 20 marks, Part B: unseen part 25, Part C: grammar part 25 and Part D: writing part 30.

The grammar part would include speech, punctuation, the use of articles, changing sentences (voice, sentences, interrogative, affirmative, negative, and exclamatory), suffixes and prefixes.

Professor emeritus of Dhaka University, Serajul Islam Chowdhury, said: “The ministry has realised that students are facing huge pressure due to excessive examinations in Class V and Class VIII. So they are now paying attention to what academicians have repeatedly said about reducing exam pressure.”

“I think classroom teaching is more important than taking excessive examinations,” he added.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board sources said they were yet to finalise the new syllabus for Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) examinations, but hoped that it would be completed next week.

The education ministry has also reduced 100 marks from the Bangla and English papers in the JDC examinations. JDC students will now appear for a total of 950 marks as against 1050 marks earlier.