POST TIME: 27 October, 2018 08:20:20 AM
PM optimistic about AL victory in next polls
Pro-liberation forces to remain in power when nation will celebrate golden jubilee of independence, Hasina says at ALCWC, ALPP joint meet

PM optimistic about AL victory in next polls

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday expressed her firm optimism about Awami League’s victory in the upcoming general elections and said the pro-liberation forces will remain in power when the nation will celebrate the golden jubilee of independence, report agencies. “We must win in the next parliamentary elections as the people of the country are with us,” she said in her introductory speech at a joint meeting of AL Central Working Committee, Advisory Council and Parliamentary Party at her official residence Ganabhaban.

The prime minister said: “We will celebrate the golden jubilee of our independence Insha Allah when the pro-liberation forces will stay in power.” Sheikh Hasina, also the Awami League president, said the golden jubilee of independence will not be celebrated properly if the pro-liberation forces do not remain in power. “The Pakistan-lovers will not celebrate it — it’s a reality,” she added.

Noting that she has full confidence and trust in the people, the premier said the Awami League came to power with their strength and vote. The prime minister said people will surely want to keep the positive changes which came in their lives in the last 10 years. "They'll give Awami League another chance to form the government and the AL will win the next election," she said.

She said as the government remains in power for the last 10 years, people are getting its benefits. "Even the socioeconomic condition of the rural areas is developing. It's the reality that if Awami League remains in power, there'll be development," she said.

She said the lovers of Pakistan will never celebrate the golden jubilee and this is the reality. Sheikh Hasina said the government has formulated the Delta Plan- 2100 so that the country's development pace continues. "The pace will continue if Awami League remains in power with people's mandate," she said.

Sheikh Hasina said if anyone other than Awami League comes to power, they will never do anything for the development of the country. "Rather, they'll do whatever necessary for their personal gains as they never wanted the liberation of Bangladesh." Talking about Khaleda Zia, she said the BNP chief is now in jail for embezzling orphans' money, not for any political reason.

Although the Oikyafront leaders are very much vocal against corruption, they formed their alliance with the corrupt and accused, and those were convicted in the 10-truck arms-haul, money laundering and August 21 grenade attack cases, she said. The prime minister said the Oikyafront leaders complained that the government did not allow them to hold any rally, but in reality they are holding rallies. "I told the authorities concerned that democracy prevails in the country. Let them hold meetings as many as they want," she said.

About the demand for the election-time neutral government, the AL chief said as per the High Court verdict, no unelected government is allowed to come to power. "How do the big lawyers demand for that government after such a verdict? Why are they demanding forming another government for the election purpose? Why is this demand? How do they press for it?" she said. She said the government, in compliance with the court order, amended the Constitution and made it like that of 1972 one for holding the election. "On one side, he claimed himself as the formulator of the Constitution, but on another side, he asked for violating the Constitution and gave formula to form an unelected government. Why is this demand?" she said without mentioning the name of Dr Kamal Hossain.

About the objection to the use of electronic voting machines (EVMs) in election from the opposition parties, the prime minister said EVMs will ensure quick vote casting in a transparent way as well as quick counting. "I'm unable to understand why such opposition is there. You're talking about transparency in the election, but opposing the EVMs," she said.

Sheikh Hasina questioned the intention of the Oikyafront leaders over the election. "Whether they want election or something else is the big question," she said. The prime minister also said they want to create an unstable situation in the country. "If there's anything unnatural, their scope to take advantage widens," she said.