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A tribute to the brave Dulla Bhatti
The tale of Dulla Bhatti comes alive on Lohri. According to folklore, the brave rebel rescued girls from oppressors and married them off in traditional style.
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A tribute to the brave Dulla Bhatti

We celebrate his warrior spirit as we recreate an era long gone.(Photo: Jasjeet Plaha/HT)

On the occasion of Lohri, here’s a tribute to Dulla Bhatti, the brave landlord who revolted against Mughal rule and stood up for the oppressed.

It is believed that the man, often referred to as the Robin Hood of Punjab, saved young girls from being abducted and sold off as slaves. Dulla Bhatti found deserving grooms for them, organised their weddings and saw to it that they lived happily ever after.

We go back in time and recreate the magic of vinatge Punjab…an era when weddings were modest yet soulful, replete with the sweet chatter of young girls, the fragrance of vatna (ubtan) and freshly-grounded mehendi, the glimmer of kiran edged chunnis, the clinking of colourful glass bangles adds to the vibrance of dholki beats and sweeteness with pipping hot jalebis.