POST TIME: 14 January, 2019 02:55:07 PM
Shakrain festival today
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Shakrain festival today

Residents of Old Dhaka are set to celebrate Poush Shankranti on Monday, Jan 14, 2019. File photo

The residents of Old Dhaka are set to celebrate Poush Shankranti, also known as Shakrain.

Dates of the event vary according to different localities. This year, the occasion is being celebrated in Dhaka on January 14 and 15.

Shakrain Festival is one of the oldest annual festivals of Bangladesh. 

As part of the celebration, colourful kites are flown high from the rooftops around the area in the afternoon.

When night falls, fireworks light up the sky of old Dhaka. Flame-eaters also gather on the roofs to entertain people with their skills of manipulating fire.

The much anticipated kite-flying competition is scheduled to take place today afternoon as the congested rooftops of Old Dhaka will be decorated tastefully. 

The festivities will mark another Bangla tradition which is rooted deep within joyous and fun-loving culture.

This day is also celebrated by the Hindu community in India, Nepal and Bangladesh in many cultural forms, with a variety of names like—'Maghesangkranti', (Nepal), 'Saakrat' (Delhi and Haryana), 'Uttarayan' (Gujarat), 'Maghi' (Punjab) and many more. UNB