POST TIME: 20 January, 2019 09:31:55 AM
Newbie Anishaa joins Imran in ‘Megheri Khame’
Duo’s new music video hits YouTube

Newbie Anishaa joins Imran in ‘Megheri Khame’

A new music video of the song titled ‘Megheri Khame’, sung by audience-admired singer Imran Mahmudul and young singer Atiya Anishaa, has been released on YouTube recently. Besides, the duo also appeared as models in the music video directed by Vicky Zahed.

After the release of the music video, it has started garnering admiration from the audience for both its rendition and the story of the music video. The lyric of the song is written by Robiul Islam Jibon, while singer Imran has composed the music for the song. Alongside directing the music video, the story of the video is written by Vicky Zahed.

Dhaka Live has news that the music video was released on the official YouTube channel of Dhruba Music Station in the Friday evening.

Imran said, “In the music video, I have portrayed dual role. It has already been known to all that Vicky Zahed’s production always has a twist at the end. Playing the double role here is the ultimate twist for me. I earlier have seen these types of characters only in the films and dramas. And now, this is the first time that it has been done in a music video of mine.”

“Anishaa sings very well and her performance in the music video was amazing. A sweet song and our performance together have really made a pleasant music video for the audience. I am grateful to Dhurba Guha, the owner of Dhruba Music Station, lyricist Robiul Islam Jibon and director Vicky Zahed for this great job”, he added.

Anishaa shared her experience, “Imran is one of my favourites both as a singer and a person. This is my first original song with him. As a result, ‘Megheri Khame’ is unique for me. I am getting positive feedback for the song. I believe that it will help us to gain more admiration in the future.” 

Photo courtesy : Saiful Raju