POST TIME: 21 January, 2019 12:43:19 AM / LAST MODIFIED: 21 January, 2019 10:54:51 AM
Aurangzeb Chy made new naval chief

Aurangzeb Chy made new naval chief

Director general (DG) of Bangladesh Coast Guard, Rear Admiral AMMM Aurangzeb Chowdhury, has been appointed as Chief of the Naval Staff yesterday. The defence ministry has issued a gazette notification in this regard. The appointment will come into effect from January 26. Chowdhury will continue to hold the post until July 25, 2020, according to the gazette notification. Aurangzeb Chowdhury will replace incumbent Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Mohammad Nizamuddin Ahmed, who will retire on January 26 this year. He was made the director general of Bangladesh Coast Guard on 15 February, 2016. Chowdhury, born on Sep 28, 1959, was commissioned in the Bangladesh Navy in 1980.

During his long naval career, Chowdhury served in various ships and bases in various capacities, including Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Personnel), Commodore Commanding Chittagong, Commodore Superintendent Dockyard, Naval Secretary at the Navy Headquarters, Commanding Officer of different frigates and ships and Commandant of the Marine Academy. Chowdhury, who is fluent in both German and French, has taken part in different professional courses in Bangladesh and abroad. His wife, Afroza Aurangzeb, is a doctor. The couple has a son and a daughter.