POST TIME: 21 January, 2019 12:30:02 PM
Lady Gaga rips into Trump, Pence over govt shutdown, anti-LGBTQ activities
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Lady Gaga rips into Trump, Pence over govt shutdown, anti-LGBTQ activities

A staunch supporter of LGBTQ communities rights, Lady Gaga ripped into the US Vice President Mike Pence for defending his wife's work at anti-LGBTQ school.

Lady Gaga was performing at Las Vegas on Saturday for her residency shows at the Park Theatre when during her set she stopped and said, "To Mike Pence, who thinks that it’s okay that his wife works at a school that bans LGBTQ, you’re wrong. You’re the worst representation of what it means to be a Christian."

"I am a Christian woman, and what I do know about Christianity is that we bear no prejudice and everybody is welcome. So you can take all that disgrace, Mr. Pence, and look yourself in the mirror and you’ll find it right there," the Mother Monster continuedKaren Pence has previously taught at Immanuel Christian School in Springfield, Virginia for 12 years. Her decision to go back to teaching at this particular school sparked a controversy because as per media reports, the educational institute requires their employees to adhere to a set of behavioural guidelines that asks applicants to affirm that their marriage is 'the uniting of one man and one woman.' School asks employees to maintain a lifestyle 'based on biblical standards of moral conduct' which precludes 'homosexual or lesbian sexual activity.'

"I am excited to be back in the classroom and doing what I love to do, which is to teach art to elementary students," Karen Pence had said in a statement, according to NBC.

US V-P Mike Pence defended his wife's decision in an interview given to Catholic news network EWTN saying, "to see major news organizations attacking Christian education is deeply offensive to us."

The pop star also took a dig at US President Donald Trump over the government shutdown. She stopped her gig to say her piece on the current scenario while she was performing "Million Reasons" on the piano.

"If the f**king president of the United States could please put our government back... There are people who live paycheck to paycheck and need their money," she said.On Sunday, Trump launched a new "compromise" plan to end the shutdown by offering protection from deportations for some 700,000 undocumented immigrants in exchange for USD 5.7 billion for constructing a controversial wall on the US-Mexico border. The Democrats, however, rejected it as "non-starter".The shutdown -- the longest in the US history -- entered a month on Sunday.Dna India.