POST TIME: 23 January, 2019 11:17:19 PM
Minister’s tough stance against question leak

Minister’s tough stance against question leak

Soon after assuming office of the education minister, Dipu Moni, stated her resolve to fight against question paper leak in different public exams which for the last few years baffled the ministry and the people concerned. It was only in the last time, during the HSC exams, we did not hear about this administrative failure. This means that the education ministry has gone a long way in making the system foolproof.

Leaking of question paper is an administrative failure because right from the beginning of setting questions to printing and distribution of question papers, at all levels people of administration or relevant teachers are involved, and anywhere throughout the process if any leakage occurs, it can be generally assumed that some way or other any of these people might be involved.

Among the guardians there could be many who bother little about their wards’ moral upbringing and they themselves unscrupulously give leaked questions on their hands by spending money and make the whole process of exam a meaningless affair. It is not difficult to understand that unless people involved in the process secretly provide them question papers, it is not possible for guardians to get them.

On the other hand, there is also a connection between coaching centres and a question paper leak, especially regarding the distribution of leaked question papers. However the people running coaching centres themselves are not involved in the process of setting questions, printing and distributing them, these centres are hardly the major players. That is why we have seen in the past despite closing down of coaching centres all over the country during the public exams, the leaks have repeatedly occurred.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that people selected for setting, printing and distributing question papers up to the hands of students in the exam hall must have a high degree of honesty. And if that cannot be done, the risk of leak will remain. That is why tough words of punishment to people involved in a prospective leak are not quite enough. And the question of punishment comes only when the question is leaked and the criminal is caught.

We appreciate Dipu Moni’s determination to take up the challenge to stop leaking of question papers and expect she is successful.