POST TIME: 14 February, 2019 07:56:15 AM
‘Dhrubatara’ steps into 15th year
DL Reporter

‘Dhrubatara’ steps into 15th year

Completing an eventful journey of 14 years in the country’s music world, well-known band Dhrubatara will step into the 15th year today.

Mainly initiated by Partho Majumder and SI Tutul, the band began its journey in 2005.

Previously known as ‘Face to Face’, the band had changed its name to ‘Dhrubatara’ in 2008 in keeping with the suggestion made by the late writer Humayun Ahmed, Tutul recalled.

“Humayun Ahmed asked us why a Bangladeshi band would take a foreign name. He suggested the name ‘Dhrubatara’ from one of our tracks. Finally, we took his idea and changed our band’s name,” he said.

The singer also said ‘Dhrubatara’ was a patriotic song for the martyrs who laid down their lives for the country.

“The band will arrange a get-together today to celebrate the occasion in Uttara of the capital,” he added.

DhakaLive has news that on this occasion, ‘Dhrubatara’ will start its own official YouTube channel and a fan page on Facebook.

“Our band will move forward with the blessings of Humayun Ahmed and my mentor Ayub Bachchu. We’ll remember them in every performance,” said Tutul.

“Today we’ll begin our own YouTube channel ‘Dhrubatara Band’. I’d like to inform everyone that we haven’t sold any copyright of our songs. The authorities concerned are already taking action against the illegal uploading of our contents,” the singer said.

‘Dhrubatara’ comprises Partho Majumder (bass guitar), Mujib (drums), Selimuzzaman (lead guitar), Babu (flute), Nadim (keyboard) and Tutul (vocal, second line guitar).