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5 cool spectacle frames for upgrade look
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5 cool spectacle frames for upgrade look

Glasses have gone from being an optical necessity to a trendy style statement. While people previously avoided wearing spectacles at all costs, today even those without a prescription are sporting spectacles. As they adorn a large portion of the face, spectacles can change the look of it completely. So it's about time you ditched the dull frames you've been wearing for years and go for a cool upgrade with these 5 stylish spectacles.

  1. 1.The Fastrack Spectacle Frames have the classic wayfarer shape in black, trimmed with blue on the inner side.
  2. 2.The Sheomy Round Eye Glasses are thin silver toned frames in a rounded shape that make for a great minimal look. 
  3. 3.The Newbee Fashion Retro Glasses are a chic choice with a circular shape in a brown toned tortoise-shell style. 
  4. 4.The Juicy Orange Square Eye Glasses are thick black square shaped frames that are extremely high on the style scale. 
  5. 5.The You & I Spectacle Frames are cat eye shaped glasses with purple and black patterned frames. 

Now your glasses can be your latest fashion statement.