POST TIME: 31 March, 2019 10:32:15 AM
The American Bokassa and his court order
A man of comical character Donald Trump, taking advantage of ultra-nationalism and the rise of neo-fascism became the president of the USA
Abdul Gaffar choudhury

The American Bokassa and his court order

The age of imperialism has gone. After the collapse of the British Empire the old pattern of imperialism ended and America took its place as a more strong imperial power, without the cloak of imperialism. But in Africa some tin pot dictators after capturing power with a gun thought that they had become powerful emperors. Of course they were tyrants in their own countries but a laughing stock to the outside world. People still remember two of them. One is Bokassa of Central Africa and another was Idi Amin of Uganda. Bokassa publicly took the title 'emperor' and Idi Amin though did not declare himself an emperor, started behaving like one. These two comical characters were subsequently ousted by mass uprising.
Now this African drama is being staged in America. A man of comical character Donald Trump, taking advantage of ultra-nationalism and the rise of neo-fascism became the President of the country. From the very beginning of his Presidency, he had been described by some of his own countrymen as a bull in the china shop. He is not respectful to the country's constitution, does not care for the obligation of the American people- black or white and behaves like a monarch, not a president. Although he did not take the title 'emperor' like the African dictator Bokassa, many of his critics compare him with that comic emperor.  Mueller

Almost all his associates, who helped him during the presidential election campaign of 2016 are no more with him after victory. One of his ex-associates called him 'liar and fraud' and there was a long inquiry against him for his alleged association with Russia to win the presidential election of 2016. This enquiry headed by special counsel Mueller could finish him politically. But till today luck is favouring him. The attorney general William Barr, who was appointed by Trump, published the Mueller report in such a way that proved that there was no connection between Trump and Russia. This has emboldened Trump and he started behaving like a power drunk dictator or emperor. He thinks he can do anything, anywhere like a medieval king.

Just a few months ago he gave Jerusalem- the controversial city to Israel by a proclamation, as if he is Alexander-The-Great of the modern times and he can give the ownership of any land or country to his subservient friends legally or illegally. After surviving the enquiry on the Russian connection he has become a more aggressive, arrogant and power blind autocrat. Whereas the American president should be the negotiator of peace, Trump himself has become a demon in the Middle-East. His immoral role did not bring peace in the Middle-East, but provoked a new devastating war which killed hundreds of innocent Arab Palestinians.

On the other hand, he again won a battle against Congress to get money to build a wall in the border of Mexico to stop migration from the country. Pentagon allotted that money and Trump thinks he is undefeatable like Napoleon who also declared himself the all-powerful emperor. Napoleon could not foresee the tragedy of Waterloo was waiting for him. In the last century ultra nationalism swept the entire Germany and Hitler declared that Germans were the only nation of blue blood and they had the absolute right to rule the world. In present America Trump also rides the tide of ultra-nationalism. His slogan is America first but he has a divisive policy to disunite America in white and black races and like Hitler who rose to power on anti-Jewish slogan, Trump also formulated a dangerous policy of hatred against immigrants.

Donald Trump's character is very cowardly. He is a tiger to the weak and peaceful countries and a tame lamb towards strong countries. He cancelled arbitrarily the nuclear treaty with Iran and started a worldwide trade war but restrained the war cry against North Korea by sitting with the dictator Kim again and again. During the presidency of George Bush Junior America lost its moral leadership of the democratic world. Its military supremacy could not win a prolonged war in the Middle-East. Donald Trump had to take a gradual policy of bringing back American soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan. Now his only hope is that by war cry and his threat of military aggression and economic sanction he will re-establish American hegemony all over the world. But some observers are predicting that America's only ally in Europe Britain is now crippled with Brexit problem and other European countries are not very keen to support him.

Donald Trump very soon will prove that he is a paper tiger. Once China used this phrase about America when it was really a supreme power. Trump's last act of folly is to hand over Golan valley to Israel illegally by his court order. It is also a violation of human rights and aggression against the Arab world. At the moment the Arab world is very weak because there are too many Trojan horses among them like Saudi Arabia. Now Saudi Arabia is an open ally of Israel to defeat the liberation war of Palestinians and to destroy Iran and Syria. Donald Trump is also a great friend of the Saudi Crown Prince Salman who was accused of killing Khashoggi, a dissident Arab journalist. But Trump is defending that Crown Prince against the world opinion. I firmly believe that just as the European Fascism in the last century could not defeat the humanity. The neo- American Fascism with all its might will also not survive long. Middle-east or Korean Peninsula will be the graveyard of Donald's American imperialism.

London, Thursday 28 March, 2019