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Rewrite the rules of mobile photography
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Rewrite the rules of mobile photography

With a tagline “Rewrite the Rules of Photography”, it is clear that Huawei has big ambitions for its P30 series. The latest entry of the Huawei flagship series in Paris on March 26 has the internet buzzing for months, so how does it fare compared to its competitors-

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ launched one month ago has achieved the same DxOMark Mobile rating as the older P series version, the P20 Pro with a 109 points. It seems hardly fair to compare its photography features with the newer P30 Pro which has just topped the DxO Mark list at 112 points, but we will give it a try.


Both phones have put in extensive effort to upgrade the zooming capabilities of their smartphones. But the longer the distance, the more noticeable is the difference between the two camera phones.

P30 Pro: The P30 series has touted its SuperZoom lens to show off its 5x zoom with foldable optics, and it has easily put it way ahead of its competitors.

S10+: While the 2x tele-lens scores well at close and medium range, it is harder to match the 5x lens of Huawei’s flagship.

 Low-light and Super Night-Mode

P30 Pro: Featuring an upgrade from the f/1.6 lens on its predecessor, the wider aperture of P30 Pro lets in more light for better low-light performance, offering a maximum ISO of 409,600 and the capability to capture well-exposed images in near darkness (1 Lux).Combined with Huawei  Super Spectrum sensor, ISP and Dual-NPU and supported by the new HUAWEI AIS+OIS solution, the phone can record the frame taken across the long exposure and resulted in excellent colors, dynamic range and clarity, and look more authentic and vibrant.

S10+: The phone is strong in reducing the noise levels in all light conditions, although it has resulted in a loss of details in low-light and indoor scenario. However, it is still able to capture good photos in darker conditions.

The Bokeh Effect

P30 Pro: The P30 Pro features a specialized HUAWEI TOF camera, which captures depth information and resulted in an upgrade bokeh effect. The HUAWEI TOF Camera has rich bokeh and sophisticated, depth information-capturing capabilities. It is supporting multi-level, depth-of-field effects and accurate 3D modelling to deliver a highly-realistic, AR photography experience.

S10+: The S10+ camera is capable of capturing beautiful bokeh images, and the bokeh picture prioritizes the lighting in the picture over the blurring of the background, resulting in a duller background with less details.

Ultra-wide angle

P30 Pro: An ultra-wide angle lens is fitted to the phone that adds in a spacious feeling and 3D effect. S10+: Although slightly late to the game, the impressive 123-degree field view offered by the phone more than covers its faults.

Macro Photography

P30 Pro: Fans of the Huawei Leica camera would no doubt family with the macro photography functions of the P30, which can go as close as 3cm.