POST TIME: 20 April, 2019 08:44:47 AM
Sajal, Aparna to appear in tele-drama ‘James’

Sajal, Aparna to appear in tele-drama ‘James’

Abdun Noor Sajal and Aparna Ghosh, the two popular artistes in the acting industry, are making a name for themselves individually by playing challenging roles in different projects. Now the duo will be sharing the screen in a unique teledrama titled ‘James’.

Jointly written by Humaira Akhter, Shuvo Raihan and Touhid Bappi, the teledrama has been scripted and directed by Shuvo Raihan.

DhakaLive has news that the shooting of ‘James’ has already been concluded in various locations of Khilgaon in the capital.

In the teledrama, Sajal, who plays the role of James, is a professional assassin, whose real name is Jamshed Mirza. During an operation, his friend Hashem is hit by a bullet, and James takes him to hospital. There he meets nurse Jayita (played by Aparna) and falls in love with her. Later he comes to know Aparna had been married earlier, but her husband was killed. And the killer is none other than James. From here, the drama takes a new turn.

About his performance, Sajal said, “An artiste always finds self-satisfaction when he or she works in a good story. The story of ‘James’ is really amazing. I really liked working in the teledrama. I would like to thank Shuvo for making such beautiful drama.”

Talking about the production, Aparna said, “Shuvo has tried to produce a teledrama with a unique story, which is not run-of-the-mill stuff. Using his talents, he gave his level best to present the drama. I am really impressed with the endeavour. Sajal has always been helpful. I am hopeful about the drama.”

‘James’ will be aired on a satellite channel soon. 

Photo courtesy : Mohsin Ahmed