POST TIME: 20 April, 2019 10:21:23 PM
Bangladesh aim to make tournament a memorable
Bangamata Gold Cup Under-19 Women’s Int’l Football begins tomorrow
Sports Reporter, Dhaka

Bangladesh aim to make tournament a memorable

Bangladesh women’s team coach Golam Rabbani Chotton (L) speaks at a pre-tournament press conference as captain Mishrat Jahan Mousumi looks on at BFF auditorium yesterday ahead of Bangamata Gold Cup Under-19 Women’s International Football Tournament from tomorrow. BFF Photo

Bangladesh women’s team captain Mishrat Jahan Mousumi expressed her firm belief that the home team will leave no stone unturned to win the Bangamata Gold Cup Under-19 Women’s International Football title.  The tournament has been named after mother of  Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

The six-nation football tournament will kick off  tomorrow at Bangabandhu National Stadium with Bangladesh taking on United Arab Emirates in the opener at 6pm. Apart from the hosts Bangladesh, Mongolia, United Arab Emirates, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Laos are the other teams from abroad will play in the inaugural competition.

Mousumi expressed her high expectation in a press conference yesterday ahead of the Bangamata Gold Cup Under-19 Women’s International Football tournament Golam Rabbani Chotton, the head coach of the team also expressed his opinion and said, “We want to make it memorable by winning the inaugural trophy of the Bangamata Gold Cup International Tournament and we will try heart and soul to win the tournament.”

Choton, about their practice and any preparation match before the tournament, said, “Honestly, we did not play any preparation match, as we just played AFC competition in Myanmar and SAFF tournament, I considered those are enough as practice matches.”

“In our last 20 days practice, our main was focus on not to replicate the mistakes we did in the previous tournaments.”   

“However, our initial target is to go match by match, first of all to play in the semifinal and then the final, obviously we will try to play good football and ultimately we are looking forward to make it memorable  by winning the tournament,” said Choton.

“We will field to win, our girls are ready to win, there will always challenge if you want to win any competition, we will have to take the challenge. I consider all the opponents are strong, nothing will be easy hurdle to cross,” Choton replied to a query.   Coach Choton and captain Mousumi do not want to think it a pressure for them, as there are huge expectations on them to win the tournament, as they said that it’s an inspiration for them.

Mahfuza Akhter Kiron, the chairman of the women’s wing of the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF)) thinks that Bangamata Gold Cup International Tournament will bring the country’s women soccer a step ahead.

“I talked to the girls, they expressed their confidence to do well in the tournament. Our initial target will be to cross the group stage and I hope girls are ready to bring success,” said Kiron.