POST TIME: 21 April, 2019 12:37:17 AM / LAST MODIFIED: 22 April, 2019 10:01:00 AM
AL to prepare database of grassroots leaders
Abu Jakir, Dhaka

AL to prepare database of grassroots leaders

The ruling Awami League will prepare a database of its grassroots leaders for all units to strengthen the party from the central to the grassroots levels. The party will send letters soon asking district units leaders to send information about grassroots leaders of all units. The party will collect all data of grassroots-level incumbent leaders, including ward-level leaders across the country, to increase organisational capacity so that it gives additional benefits during the local body elections as well as the general elections.

“Yes, with the instruction of our party president and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, we have taken the initiative to prepare a database of our grassroots leaders so that the party chief can contact grassroots leaders directly,” said AL acting general secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif.

He said they had already directed the party’s district unit leaders to send necessary information about the grassroots leaders to the central leadership to help prepare the database, which will enhance relations between the central and grassroots leadership.    

“Our party president Sheikh Hasina at a joint meeting on Friday directed us to work to strengthen the organisation from the central to the grassroots levels. She has already directed our organising secretaries to contact all 78 organisational districts and prepare work plans to make the organisation stronger,” said Hanif, also the joint general secretary of the AL.

The database will be effective in using the social media to enlist more party members across the country, for

evidence-based research such as public opinion polls, and focus group discussions to design national and local-level campaigns.

Earlier, the party had begun preparing the database of party leaders for all units across the country but the effort had stopped. Initially, the party higher-ups started preparing the database of leaders of the two divisions, Rangpur and Rajshahi. However, the exercise was not completed.

Talking on the issue, a central leader of the party said, “It’s very difficult to send party directives by post, but it’s easy to reach out through e-mail at once. At times, the letters carrying confidential party directives do not reach the right person or get lost on the way.” “Besides, it will connect digitally all the grassroots leaders with the party high-command directly if we bring them under internet connectivity,” he added.

When contacted, the party’s science and technology affairs secretary Abdus Sobur said, “It’s a very tough job to prepare a database of all unit leaders of the party. But as our party chief has taken the initiative and directed the central leaders, it will be done this time.”

He said the party office would send letters to all district leaders in this regard soon.

“If we can prepare the database of party leaders for all units from central to grassroots, it will help increase organisational capacity and the party will become organisationally stronger,” he said.

Earlier, on Friday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina  directed her party rank and file to buttress its grassroots by holding district councils ahead of the party national council session likely to be held in October this year.  

The party has already formed eight committees for eight divisions comprising presidium members, advisory council members and ALCWC members. These committees will visit various organisational districts soon to reconstitute the party at the grassroots level.

Party insiders have said the principal objectives of the tours are to beef up the organisation at the grassroots level and form divisional committees to observe the 100th birth anniversary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Another objective is to minimise intra-party feuds at the grassroots level that hamstrung the party local leaders and workers in the recently held local body elections, they added.