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‘Janmabhumi’, ‘Iti, Tomari Dhaka’ to be screened in Canada
DL desk, Dhaka

‘Janmabhumi’, ‘Iti, Tomari Dhaka’ to be screened in Canada

Two Bangladesh films ‘Janmabhumi’ (The Birthland) —a film on Rohingyas directed by Proshoon Rahmaan and ‘Iti, Tomari Dhaka’ (Sincerely Yours, Dhaka) —the first anthology film of Bangladesh, produced by Impress Telefilm, will be screened at the International Film Festival of South Asia - Toronto  (IFFSA Toronto) in Canada.

The premiere of ‘Janmabhumi’ will be held at Cineplex Odeon Eglinton Town Centre Cinemas in Toronto on May 18, while ‘Eti Tomari Dhaka’ will be screened on May 19.  

The film ‘Janmabhumi’ depicts the tale of a pregnant Rohingya woman and her identity crisis who does not want to give birth to her child at densely populated refugee camp. Who wants to go back to her own village where she was born, and make challenges against her fate. A feature length narrative in the backdrop of real events and the characters are inspired from true life. Filmed at the real location of the world’s largest refugee camp Kutupalong, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

The cast of the film includes Rawnak Hasan, Saira Aktar Jahan, Sangeeta Chowdhury, Aungkon Chakma, Pamela Kechter, Nasir Uddin Khan and Jainal Jack, among others.

On the other hand, ‘Iti, Tomari Dhaka’ is a wild ride through the streets of Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka. A background actor who does anything to be a star. Two young girls who are dying for a drink in a city where alcohol is illegal. A teenage gangster who’s drunk on power and a sound recordist who finds a dark secret. A bank scam sparks an attempted murder and a plumber adds fuel to a refugee crisis. Stolen cars, broken dreams, dysfunctional relationships. Ranging from bizarre, heart-warming to heart-breaking, the first ever anthology film made in Bangladesh takes us on a bittersweet journey through Dhaka city.

A talented group of filmmakers consisted of 11 directors has directed ‘Iti, Tomari Dhaka’. The name of the directors includes Golam Kibria Farooki, Krishnendu Chattopadhyay, Mahmudul Islam, Mir Mukarram Hossain, Nuhash Humayun, Rahat Rahman, Robiul Alam Robi, Syed Saleh Ahmed Sobhan, Syed Ahmed Shawki, Tanim noor and Tanvir Ahsan.