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Pocket Sari: A whole new trend in fashion scene this Eid

Pocket Sari:
A whole new trend in fashion scene this Eid

The country’s fashion scene offers something different every Eid. In keeping with this trend, a uniquely designed sari, known as ‘pocket sari’, has become a hot topic of discussion among fashion aficionados. 

This extraordinary attire is expected to create a buzz among women, especially working women, in this Eid season. A sari with pockets is a novel idea, which is going to revolutionise the existing and traditional designs of the sari.

The designs of women’s clothing have been changing over the years. In this changing domain of fashion, a sari with two pockets on both sides of the waist could be very handy for women, especially those who work outside, for keeping their cell phones and other small items.

Young designer Neelima Sarker, who has recently completed her master’s degree from Home Economics College, has come up with this unique idea and designed the pocket sari. “Carrying a purse and mobile phone is mandatory when we step out of home. But this is not so easy when we wear a sari, a complicated and fantastic attire. So, I explored new avenues and eventually came up with this idea. Women can keep their mobile phones and small purses in the pockets of this type of sari,” she said.

The idea of this new type of sari has received mixed reaction. Though the concept is being trolled on social media, it has grabbed the attention of fashion-conscious women at the same time.

The pocket sari is exclusively available on Onindyo, an online shop owned by Neelima herself, for Tk. 1,790 each.

To know more about the pocket sari and buy this product, fashion enthusiasts can browse www.facebook.com/Onindyo.Bangladesh.