POST TIME: 25 May, 2019 10:14:44 AM
Sajal and Nadia in ‘Jhogra Cholchhe’

Sajal and Nadia in ‘Jhogra Cholchhe’

A scene from the drama serial ‘Jhogra Cholchhe’. Photo : Courtesy

A six-episode Eid drama serial titled ‘Jhogra Cholchhe’, starring popular artistes Abdun Noor Sajal and Nadia Nodi in lead roles is set to be aired on satellite channel SATV.

Written by Sahfiqur Rahman Shantnu, the drama serial has been directed by Nazmul Rony.

The story of the drama revolves around two people, namely—Shahosh and Tomal. They share a relation like siblings. Shahosh is a bad-tempered person who had breakups with six different women due to his quarrelling nature. However, Tomal thinks of Shahosh as a philosopher, describing that while in a relationship, it is the male member who gets hassled by the woman. But no girlfriend of Shahosh ever stressed him as he was the one who caused hassle for his ex-girlfriends. Considering this as an achievement, Shahosh feels proud of himself and says a real man should act like him and not submit to any woman. In the course of time, his quarrelling nature becomes so popular that people even hire him to quarrel with others on behalf of them. However, things twist and turn as such contract lead to problems one after another as the story continues.

About the concept in the drama serial, director Nazmul Rony said, “Through a fun way, the story of the drama will address some important issues in the society. That’s why I have directed the drama serial. The artistes have worked enthusiastically in the drama serial and I hope the audience will appreciate it.”

The drama serial ‘Jhogra Cholchhe’ will begin airing from the first day of Eid-ul-Fitr at 9:30 pm.