POST TIME: 9 June, 2019 01:02:38 AM
Lavlu-starrer ‘Darshonik Abu Hossain’ to be aired tonight
Darshonik Abu Hossain
DL DESK, Dhaka

Lavlu-starrer ‘Darshonik Abu Hossain’
to be aired tonight

A scene from the tele-drama ‘Darshonik Abu Hossain’

Actor-director Salauddin Lavlu, who has limited himself only to acting and appeared in only a couple of Eid tele-dramas over the last few years, will be seen in an Eid tele-drama titled ‘Darshonik Abu Hossain’. The drama will be aired tonight at 11:45pm on private TV channel Banglavision.

Sazzad Sunny directed the drama from a story written by Mohammad Ali and script by Prashanto Adhikari.

DhakaLive has news that Lavlu will be seen portraying the titular role of Darshonik Abu Hossain, who apparently calls himself a philosopher.

In the drama, Abu Hossain will be seen entering a town bizarrely in an old private car carrying a lot of books. Out of curiosity, local people ask Abu who he was. In reply, Abu Hossain introduces himself to be a philosopher and says he is the son of one Abu Hossain Sarder, who used to live in the town but is no more. Once introduced to all in the area, his unique observations and speech leads to various incidents.

Apart from Salauddin Lavlu, the tele-drama also stars Tanjika Amin, Sujata and Iktarul, among others, in different roles. 

Photo courtesy : Mohsin Ahmed