POST TIME: 16 June, 2019 09:48:12 PM
S Korea emerging as new leader on global healthcare market

S Korea emerging as new leader on global healthcare market

South Korea is emerging as a new leader on the global healthcare market through quality services, advanced medical technologies,

relatively affordable medical costs, fast and efficient diagnostics and therapeutic services, cutting-edge hardware and IT-based

infrastructure, says a press statement.

S Korea’s highly specialized doctors provide top-tier treatment for cancer, cardiovascular diseases, spinal disc injuries, organ transplantation, dentistry, cosmetic surgery, dermatology and more.

Korea is the leading country for clinical trial cases and ranks as Asia’s best in international medical journal publications. Data provided by the US government agency National Institutes of Health (NIH) reveals that while Korea ranked sixth globally, Seoul was named the city with the most clinical trials last year.

The Korean government has strict regulation over hospitals to ensure optimum medical services. Patients opting for treatment in Korea can rest assured of receiving optimum medical care.

South Korean medical institutes are well equipped with latest medical equipment such as Proton Therapy, Tomothreaphy, PET-MRI, Radiosurgery Cyber knife/Gamma Knife and da Vinci robotic Surgical System.