POST TIME: 16 June, 2019 10:59:02 PM
Consumer rights protection
Directorate to run mobile courts round the yea

Directorate to run mobile 
courts round the yea

The Directorate of National Consumers' Right Protection (DNCRP) will conduct mobile courts round the year against adulterated food to ensure safe food for the people. The mobile courts run by the directorate have imposed fines worth some Tk. 2.33 crore on 3,127 enterprises during the holy month of Ramadan (May), sources at the DNCRP told this correspondent.

The DNCRP conducted mobile courts against a total of 3,127 enterprises, such as super shopping malls and well-known restaurants, including Persona Beauty Parlour, Aarong, Swapno, Almas, Mostafa Mart and Officers’ Club, for selling outdated items or selling extremely over-rated products, which affected consumers' rights.  

“The DNCRP has conducted mobile courts in 64 districts during Ramadan against 3,127 enterprises and fined them a total of Tk. 2,33,35000. The mobile court teams found the accused were involved in selling rotten food items. They were also selling cosmetics with expired dates. The team fined them and realised the amounts, which were deposited in the exchequer,” Manjur Mohammad Shahriar, deputy director (Dhaka division) of the DNCRP, told this correspondent yesterday (Sunday).

Most of the restaurants were seen selling unhygienic food items and illegal fake items without the stickers of the importing companies during the anti-adulteration drives, he said.

He further said 90 complainants were awarded 25 per cent (Tk. 1,32,875) of the total realised amount of Tk. 2,33,35000 and the remaining Tk. 2,32,2125 was deposited in the exchequer.

Shahriar said, “The DNCRP is working to ensure consumers rights. Our main objective is not to fine. It is to just create awareness among the people as well as shop-owners to sell safe items.”

Normally, the DNCRP conducts mobile courts round the year, he said, adding that special mobile courts were conducted during the month of Ramadan because at that time some unscrupulous traders engage in selling fake and adulterated items to earn more money though dishonest means.

“We have fined many enterprises in the month of Ramadan compared to other months. These enterprises were counselled on behalf of the DNCRP to motivate them that the DNCRP’s main objective is not to fine them. The owners of the enterprises promised to DNCRP that they wouldn’t commit such crimes in the future. Every trader also promised to be never involved in any illegal activity that violates consumers’ rights,” Shahriar said in reply to a query.

The DNCRP official hoped that such illegal activities would be curbed in the future following the commitments made by the fined traders.

The DNCRP fined two outlets of Persona at Dhanmondi and Gulshan Tk. 36 lakh during Ramadan drives as the team found a huge amount of beauty and cosmetic products without any information in respect of their import or the place of production.

Besides, the DNCRP also fined Aarong Tk. 4.5 lakh for discrepancies in pricing labels of two similar products at Aarong’s showroom in Uttara of Dhaka during a mobile court conducted in the month of Ramadan.