POST TIME: 17 June, 2019 11:34:56 PM
China employment remains stable
Xinhua, Beijing

China employment remains stable

China’s employment has remained stable, with the booming service sector contributing a larger share of the job market last year, data showed.

The steady employment situation, an evidence of the country’s stable economic development despite external uncertainties, will in return underpin future growth, analysts say.

The following are some facts and figures about China’s employ ment:

The country vowed to create over 11 million new urban jobs this year, with 5.97 million, or 54 percent of the annual target, having been added in the first five months of the year, data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed.

The country’s surveyed urban unemployment rate was 5 percent in May, below the government’s annual target of around 5.5 percent set for 2019.

In 2018, the number of the country’s employed people stood at 775.86 million, according to data released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

In breakdown, the primary, secondary and tertiary industries accounted for 26.1 percent, 27.6 percent and 46.3 percent of the total employed people, respectively. The service sector contributed a larger share of the job market, with the proportion up 1.4 percentage points compared with that in 2017.

Some 13.61 million new urban jobs were created nationwide last year, up 0.74 percent year on year and exceeding the government’s annual target of 11 million.

The country’s 2018 surveyed urban unemployment rate stood at 4.9 percent, well below the government’s annual target of 5.5 percent.