POST TIME: 17 June, 2019 11:36:41 PM
Walton registers 77pc growth in fridge sales

Walton registers 77pc growth in fridge sales

Local electronics manufacturer Walton has registered a 77 per cent growth in the sales of its refrigerators and freezers during the months of January to May of 2019 against the sales of the previous year’s corresponding period, a press statement said yesterday.  

The local brand recorded around 9.02 lakh units in the accounts of its fridge sales for the period of January to May-2019 whereas about 5.09 lakh units were sold out in the same period of the previous year. The sales of fridges also exceeded the target, set by the company for the first five months of the current year, by more than one lakh units, the statement added.

Golam Murshed, executive director and chief executive officer of Walton Fridge, said, Walton has been securing the top position in the domestic market for the last couple of years.

Now, the total market share of Walton fridge is around 75 per cent that will be increased more at the end of this year, he hoped.