POST TIME: 19 June, 2019 10:33:39 AM
Govt draws up shortlist for DC posting
400 deputy secretaries interviewed by MoPA

Govt draws up shortlist for DC posting

The government is going to prepare a list of deputy commissioners (DCs) for field posting soon to speed up the functioning of the field administration.  To prepare the list, the ministry of public administration (MoPA) began interviewing deputy secretaries (DSs) of the 20th, 21th and 22th batches of the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) administrative cadre from May 24.

Since then, Superior Selection Board (SSB), headed by cabinet secretary M Shafiul Alam, completed interviewing 400 DSs from different ministries and divisions and the process was completed on June 16. “We'll withdraw those DCs who have already been promoted to the post of the joint secretary and those who have completed two years working in the field level,” a senior official of the public administration ministry told The Independent.

 “Also, the DCs facing allegations of abuse of power, partisan attitude and corruption will be withdrawn and replaced by new officials,” the official said.

“There are at least 12 DCs who have already been promoted to the post of joint secretary recently,” he added.

“Currently, 12 officials of the 17th batch of the BCS administrative cadre, seven officials of 18th batch, 33 officials of the 20th batch and 12 officials of the 21st batch are working in the field as DCs,” he observed.

The official claimed that mid-level officials working in different ministries, divisions and the field with honesty, sincerity and good record as well as those with field

experience would be placed in the DC list.A high official of the public administration ministry said that at least 60 to 70 officials could be listed in the DC list from the 400 officials.

“The new fit list of DCs, recommended by the SSB, would be sent to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) soon for final approval,” the official added. “Postings from the new DC fit list are likely to be started from next month (July),” according to the official.

The DCs, also District Magistrate (DM), are working in every district as a chief administrative and revenue officer in the field administration.  The DCs are representatives of the government in the field of law and order, land administration, disaster management and general and local elections.  The deputy commissioners work under the administrative control of the Cabinet Division although their posting and transfer are made by the Ministry of Public Administration.