POST TIME: 9 July, 2019 01:02:28 AM
LRB splits into halves

LRB splits into halves

Here comes the most stunning news for the fans of LRB--the band which is almost synonymous with late legendary musician, Ayub Bachchu, fondly called AB--is that their favourite band splits into halves.

After the demise of AB in last October, the country’s music world has already witnessed several dramatic incidents recently involving LRB. Though many anticipated and were ready to accept the ultimate fate of the country’s one of the most popular bands, still it heavily shocked the fans of AB and LRB.

DhakaLive has news that four members of the band, who were the long-term companions of AB, are now split into two factions. Guitarist Masud and manager Shamim Ahmed are no more with LRB. On the other hand, drummer Rumel and founder member guitarist Swapan want to move forward with the band. They made their final decision on Sunday evening following an internal discussion among them.

Shamim Ahmed said that he is not a part of LRB anymore and he does not have any intention to return, whatsoever.

Regarding their separation from the LRB, guitarist Mausd said, “To whom does the LRB actually belong to? Without boss (Ayub Bachchu), there is actually no LRB.”

However, a few months ago, the first incident that stirred the music world took place with the inclusion of a new member in the band.

It was followed by several incidents like objection from AB’s family that they did not want the band members to use the name, LRB.

A week after the introduction of Balam as the new vocalist, the band was renamed as ‘Balam and the Legacy’ in deference to the decision of AB’s family. Finally, the band decided to use the name ‘LRB’ after AB’s family had given them the consent.