POST TIME: 10 July, 2019 10:09:40 AM
‘Rupa Bhabi’ tells the story of conjugal life
Tareen plays title role and Chanchal as her husband

‘Rupa Bhabi’ tells the story of conjugal life

Versatile actor Chanchal Chowdhury and audience-admired actress Tareen have paired up in an Eid special tele-drama titled ‘Rupa Bhabi’. Written by Mejbah Uddin Sumon, the tele-drama is directed by Abu Hayat Mahmud.

In the tele-drama, Tareen will be seen playing the title role while Chanchal will appear as her husband.

DhakaLive has news that the two-day shooting of ‘Rupa Bhabi’ concluded yesterday at a shooting house in Uttara of the capital.

Regarding the story of tele-drama, Tareen said, “The story of ‘Rupa Bhabi’ is a part of everyone’s conjugal life. Everybody would find similarities to some extends with his or her own married life at certain points of the story. The writer really tried to present the story in a beautiful manner.”

“In ‘Rupa Bhabi’, one of my favourite co-artistes Chanchal Chowdhury played the role of my husband. He always memorises his script before coming to shooting. He understands his character as deeply as possible. ‘Rupa Bhabi’ is truly a family-oriented drama”, she added further.

Chanchal Chowdhury said about the tele-drama, “Rupa is the true portrayal of an eternal Bengali woman. Tareen is a talented actress and she portrayed the role of Rupa amazingly.”

‘Rupa Bhabi’has been produced to be aired on RTV in upcoming Eid-ul-Azha.

Photo courtesy: Mohsin Ahmed