POST TIME: 22 August, 2019 09:32:36 AM
Photographic exhibition on Rohingya crisis held in Canada

Photographic exhibition on Rohingya crisis held in Canada

A photographic exhibition on the refugee crisis of Bangladesh, information picture publication and discussion meeting held in Canada recently, said a press release.

Organised jointly by the Canada National Ethnic Media and Press Council, Ban-CAN Youth Organization, Canada and IEB Canada Overseas Chapter with Bangladeshi photojournalist Fojit Sheikh Babu, the exhibition was inaugurated on August 19 at 3:30pm local time at the Metro Hall, 55 John Street, Toronto, Canada.

Prominent Bangladeshi poet and writer Asad Chowdhury was present as the chief guest. Presided over by engineer Syed Abdul Ghaffar, the event was also attended by accountant Ruknuzzaman, music artiste Zahid Hossain, litterateur Anurudh Alam and photographer Nadim Iqbal, while the main discussant barrister Wasim Ahmed joined the event through video conference.  

Speakers in the discussion urged people around the world to help the Rohingya return to Myanmar with citizenship through UN intervention.

They also said that the exhibition depicts the plight of the Rohingya. If the Rohingya problem is not resolved now, the whole world has to pay for this in the future.

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