POST TIME: 8 September, 2019 10:17:49 AM
Robert Downey Jr’s Instagram Hacked
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Robert Downey Jr’s Instagram Hacked

Iron Man aka Robert Downey Jr’s Instagram account was hacked on Friday, NDTV reports. The 54-year-old actor informed his fans about the recent activities carried out on his Instagram account and he told his fans on Twitter. He requested them to “steer clear” for some time on Friday evening, .

Robert Downey Jr tweeted, “I’m sorry to say my Instagram has been compromised... Please steer clear for the time being until it’s sorted. Thank you all.” The actor signed off the tweet with his signature Avengers dialogue and tweeted, “I love you 3000.” Robert Downey Jr’s fans were instantly suspicious when several ads giving away free PlayStation and Amazon gift cards were shared by the actor’s hacked account.  l