POST TIME: 10 September, 2019 08:37:47 AM
Many happy returns to ATM Shamsuzzaman and Popy
The duo shares birthday today

Many happy returns to ATM Shamsuzzaman and Popy

Popy meets ATM Shamsuzzaman at his residence recently. Photo Courtesy : Golam Sabbir

Ekushey Padak and multiple National Film Awards-winning actor ATM Shamsuzzaman and film actress Sadika Parvin Popy—two popular artistes of the country’s showbiz from two different generations—have one thing in common! Today is their birthday.

DhakaLive wishes ATM Shamsuzzaman and Popy many happy returns of the day.

The artiste duo shares a father-daughter relationship apart from their showbiz affiliation.

After spending four months in different hospitals, veteran actor, screenplay writer and director ATM Shamsuzzaman has finally returned to his home a few days ago. During his stay in hospital, Popy visited him several times.

However, ahead of their birthday, Popy visited the actor at his home and greeted him on the occasion.

Today, on her birthday, Popy will participate in the celebrity talk show ‘Taroka Kathan’ live at 12:30pm on Channel i. Besides, ATM Shamsuzzaman will join the show through a video conference from his residence.  

ATM Shamsuzzaman said about returning home from hospital and birthday, “By the grace of almighty Allah, I have returned home after recovering from illness. I am indebted to everyone for their love and prayers for my good health. I would like to thank our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her constant support.”

“Today is the birthday of both Popy and me. She is like a daughter to me and I admire her a lot. I really like her tendency for being very selective about working in the films. My blessing is always with her,” the actor added.

Popy said on her part, “I would like to pay my respect to the mighty actor ATM Shamsuzzaman. He always loves me like a father. As he is a father-figure to me, I call him ‘Baba’ (Father). He can easily come closer to anyone which I also do. The love and respect which I received from such a great personality cannot be compared with anything else. Whenever we meet, he always says, “You are different from others” that hugely inspires me.”