POST TIME: 16 October, 2019 09:38:29 AM
Langurs in Jashore vulnerable due to lack of food, shelter

Langurs in Jashore vulnerable due to lack of food, shelter

Around 500 langurs living in Keshabpur upazila have grabbed headlines in recent times for their antics and human-like gestures.

But their population is on the wane due to insufficient food and the lack of a proper sanctuary.

Owing to scarcity of food, the langurs are now entering the houses of local people to steal bananas. They are also destroying vegetable fields while searching for food.

The lack of food is also affecting their mating habits.

Upazila forest officer Abdul Moneyam said the government allotted 35 kg bananas, two kg nuts and one kg bread daily for the langurs. However, this is not adequate to meet their need.

Growing urbanisation and human indifference have forced the langurs to come out of their natural habitat. They feel vulnerable due to the lack of any green cover. There is not enough food and no shelter for them anymore.

Hunger has affected the benign nature of these animals. They are becoming increasingly violent—this is evident from their recent attacks on crop fields or orchards in search of food.

The langurs can be seen on the boundary walls of Keshabpur upazila parishad and animal hospital of Keshabpur, Ramchandrapur, Bakhakati, Baliadanga, Madhya kul  and Bhogati villages. They usually run in groups.

Bangladesh, once known as a pasture of biodiversity, is now losing some of its unique species with the passage of time. If the current situation continues, langurs too will have the same fate as other lost species.