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Humanised education is needed urgently
Our educational institutions especially our highest seats of learning have been manufacturing morbidly mechanical stereotypes devoid of human elements
Sakib Hasan

Humanised education is needed urgently

In the context of gross materialistic development and coarsening of all ethical values at a disappointingly fast rate, absence of humanized system of education is keenly felt today. The ruthless killing of Abrar Fahad has once again proved that our whole system of education seriously lacks humanity and liberalism. There is no denying the fact that, if not whole, our present system of education has a bigger role to play in shaping the mindset of our students.

Based on this half-hearted system, our educational institutions especially our highest seats of learning have been manufacturing morbidly mechanical stereotypes devoid of human elements. Instead of making a complete human being well-equipped with fellow-feeling, sympathy, cooperation, etc., terrible monsters and demons are being produced in our fabled educational institutions. Abrar Fahad is a victim of a malignant political culture integrated into our system of education.

Although inter-student violence and killings are rampant phenomena in the universities, students are also being killed today even in schools and colleges. Once we plumb the depth, we will clearly see that the genome of annihilating propensity lies, to our utter dismay, in the family, the base learning pad for the tertiary students. Nobody will ever deny the fact that most of the parents impose their own desires and ambitions upon their children and that their options in most cases are targeted towards picking those professions that do have huge potentialities of earning quick money within shortest possible time. For example, parents usually encourage and influence their wards to opt for medical, engineering or BCS-oriented education. A negligible few may encourage their children to become scientists, teachers, writers or other creative but less profitable professions.

Undeniably, parents constitute the core part of our system of education. When parents strongly and directly advocate in favour of money and luxury, children, barring a few exceptional cases, are bound to become mercenary. In this morbid rat race of earning money through education, students’ mental framework is clearly patterned in a way that induces them to dream after money since their beginning years of education. Consequently, students madly chase for higher academic grades and CGPAs so that they can get themselves admitted into their desired institutions.

So greed for money lies hidden in their subconscious mind even before they enter a university. However, the exposition of this latent greed is coloured by both internal and external catalytic agents. To make it clear, not all students of the university get involved in the politics of killing and violence. The killer students are allegedly those ones who are either the benchers or the greediest ones succumbing to the dangling temptation of becoming rich overnight.

Potential greed is inflamed by external negative factors. Some are spoilt at their own irresistible urge for money and power while the rest get spoilt by evil association working as catalytic agents of the corrupt system towered over the decades by the combined greed of all of us. Greed is a common denominator here and no single party or entity unilaterally contributes to the institutionalization of this destructive human instinct. Once humanity or love for other human beings was installed at the basement of the family education, many of these students-turned-killers could have been cast otherwise.

Though it is true that the students of today especially the university students are bound to fall victim to the corrupting system arranged around them, human education in the family can defend them to a great extent against the venom of transfiguring into ferocious beasts. In addition, lessons of becoming complete human beings can defend them well against all material temptations. In line with the family education, humanity has to be instilled into the broader spectrum of our formal education system be it technical or medical or anything else. The whole process of Abrar’s brutal killing makes us believe that the killers are more of beasts than human beings.

Making true human beings having all human attributes has to be considered as the topmost priority in both our syllabus and curriculum. Free flow of open-ended human interactions has to be made as an integral part of our system of education from the very preliminary stages. The bestiality of the human animals can hardly be eliminated unless and until these negative instincts and ingredients are adequately exposed adequately in the unending wilderness of love and fellow-feeling.

Parents have to say to their little kids that they should share things with their classmates and take care of them to the best of your ability. They will have to say to their wards that go to your friends who are in danger and think about their safety and security equally like yours. This is, of course, the basic concept of preparing a basement for human and liberal education. The fellow students who take live coverage of an incident of atrocity instead of helping the man in life-threatening situation is definitely the products of purely mechanical education which produces self-centered and inhuman beings.

We don’t want any more Abrar to be killed brutally on the campus by his fellow classmates and year-mates and elder brothers for any reason. We also don’t want any parents to lose their dearest children in the way Abrar was killed in the residential place which is supposed to be the safest abode for him. Let us hope the law will take its own course.  

The writer, an Assistant Professor of English, Bogura Cantonment Public School & College, is a contributor

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