POST TIME: 19 October, 2019 10:44:10 AM
Mou busy performing in eight drama serials

Mou busy performing in eight drama serials

Renowned actress Tahmina Sultana Mou is currently passing one of the busiest times of her career in the small screen industry.

Portraying different roles, the actress at present is performing in eight drama serials simultaneously.

The drama serials include—Rulin Rahman’s ‘Sutoy Badha Shukher Paira’, Kaiser Ahmed’s ‘Bokulpur’, Al Hazen’s ‘Chhyachhobi’, Chakkar’ and ‘Hulsthul’; Shakal Ahmed’s ‘Shanti Puritey Ashanti’, Badrul Anam Soud’s ‘Lukochuri Lukochuri Gaulpo’ and Himu Akram’s ‘Shanti Malom 10 Taka’.

Completely different from each other, Mou is taking multiple important roles in these drama serials. Due to this, the actress has to focus on her challenging characters more passionately to bring out the best performance.

About her multiple endeavours, the actress said, “With the grace of Almighty Allah, I am passing a very busy time. I am grateful towards the people who trusted me to take up such challenges. Their belief in me makes me inspired and proud as an artiste.”

“With a number of drama serials set to be aired soon, I am receiving positive feedbacks for the dramas which are currently getting aired”, the actress added further.

Mou-starred ongoing drama serials are ‘Bokulpur’, ‘Lukochuri Lukochuri Gaulpo’ and ‘Shanti Puritey Ashanti’ which are being aired on Deepto TV, BTV (Bangladesh Television) and Boishakhi TV respectively. l