POST TIME: 21 October, 2019 12:18:11 AM
Ibrahim grows as premier performer in nat’l team

Ibrahim grows as premier
performer in nat’l team

The performance in the national team will boost up the energy for Mohammed Ibrahim in the coming season as one of the premier performers of the Bangladesh national football team believes.

Ibrahim who is in now Chattogram with his new team Bashundhara Kings to play the Sheikh Kamal International Club Cup Football tournament, conveyed his confidence after a practice session yesterday at the Bandar Playground in the Port City.

Ibrahim, who really illustrated his extraordinary skills during the FIFA World Cup qualifying matches against, Qatar, Afghanistan and specially India on October 15 at the Juba Bharati Stadium, Kolkata, now one of the ones to look out during the ongoing Sheikh Kamal tournament.

No doubt he would be among the one of coach’s first choice for the starting lineup and the expectation from him have already been demanded more, how he takes this, when talking to the reporters said, “What I believe, actually after playing two or three matches we played against Qatar, Afghanistan and India, confidence level automatically grow high, now we should keep up the level. If we drop then it will be meaningless of our performances in the previous matches. We will try to keep it up.”        

About their playing in the tournament would be a good practice for the coming season? - Ibrahim said, “In fact this Sheikh Kamal tournament always a very competitive one, as we, the Bashundhara Kings team came here as the champions of Bangladesh, all the teams are here are strong teams, Inshallah we will do a good result.”

About a bunch of national team’s players inclusion in the team (Bashundhara), Ibrahim said, “Our officials wanted to form a better team than previous, and on that target they contacted maximum players of the national side and hope our team will fight better than previous season to win the title.”

Among newly included national team’s players, Yasin is a big name among those and whether it would be encourage for him, Ibrahim said, “In fact this is not matter of encouragement, it is important that it will be better combination among us day by day. In national team we come from different clubs, now we are all in same club and will play also for national team altogether. Now you will see maximum players of national team are in Bashundhara, this is better for national team and as well as club team also.”      

Ibrahim doesn’t think that playing for long time at a stretch, they will you feel exhausted – “Hope it will to effect of playing for long time, we have recovery session also, in fact as long as you will play your fitness would be up to the mark,” said the young booter.  

Difference of motivation level during national team and club team, Ibrahim said, “Obviously there has a difference of motivation playing for national side and for club. It is to me that when you wear a national jersey then no motivation is necessary, because you represent the nation, your country. When I play for the national naturally I feel proud and it is a great inspiration for me.”

Ibrahim also expressed his feeling playing in front of the huge crowd of 70,000 crowd in Kolkata said, “Yes of course, it is great feeling playing in such an atmosphere, we did never play in front of so many crowds, as it is our first match in front of so many fans, we wanted to make it a memorable and Inshallah we did it.”

Did you get nervous or become more fierce during crowds screaming? – “No, we enjoyed much, the sporting environment,” said Ibrahim.

About two penalty chances when he was badly tackled inside the area but did not call for penalty, if the decision would go in favour of Bangladesh then  the result of the match would had been different,  Ibrahim also has some disappointment with the referee decision as he said, “  – “In fact one decision should go in favour of us, the first one, but I don’t know why referee did not give penalty when an Indian defender grounded me on my way to shot into the net from very near to the post.”