POST TIME: 21 October, 2019 12:28:16 AM / LAST MODIFIED: 21 October, 2019 01:26:19 PM
DU suspends ‘Ka’ unit results over ‘errors’
2.5pc passes ‘Cha’ unit admission test
Our Correspondent, DU

DU suspends 
‘Ka’ unit results 
over ‘errors’

The Dhaka University (DU) authority yesterday suspended the results of ‘Ka’ unit admission test under the Faculty of Science for 2019-2020 academic session hours after publishing those. The coordinator of the unit, Prof. Tofail Ahmed, confirmed the matter. Earlier, DU Vice-Chancellor Professor Md Akhtaruzzaman announced results of ‘Ka’ unit and ‘Cha’ unit under Fine Arts Faculty for 2019-2020 session yesterday afternoon with a pass rate of 13.05 and 2.50 per cent respectively. A total of 11,207 students passed the examination among 85,879 admission seekers who contested for 1,795 seats under the 'Ka' unit while a total of 1511 passed the written exam among 13,075 and 343 passed the drawing test among 1202 against 135 seats under the ‘Cha’ unit, the announcement said. After publishing the results many candidates and parents pointed out various inconsistencies in the results on social media and demanded cancellation of the results with a re-evaluation of the papers.

Candidates claimed that the math portion of the ‘A’ unit were incorrect in the published result. Their complaint was that the results of the math section were overturned. That is, for many candidates in the mathematics section ten questions were correct and three questions were wrong. But they got the complete opposite results, getting three correct and ten wrong. In yesterday’s results, it is said that 25,927 candidates passed the MCQ section.  And in combine with the MCQ and written part, they have passed the total of 11,207 candidates.

This year, 88,996 students applied for the ‘A’ unit against 1,795 seats.  Of them, 85,879  candidates took part in the admission test.

The students who passed in ‘Cha’ unit will have to fill the “Subject Choice Form” on the website and submit between October 21 to 27.