POST TIME: 28 October, 2019 01:17:47 PM
Huge chicken statue with plants being built in Georgia
Independent Online/ AP

Huge chicken statue with plants being built in Georgia

The statue is likely to be ready by year's end. Photo: Representational/ Pexels

Why did the tourists cross the road? One south Georgia town hopes it will be to see a giant bushy chicken statue. Fitzgerald Mayor Jim Puckett tells local news outlets that the town is building the world’s largest chicken topiary, a 62-foot (19-metre) steel-framed chicken with plants growing on it.

Wild Burmese chickens have long roamed Fitzgerald. Puckett aims to leverage that reputation to draw tourists. He says: “They want to see chickens, so we’re going to show them a chicken.”

The city is spending USD 150,000 on the topiary, designed to top the 56-foot (17-metre) tall steel “Big Chicken” at a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Marietta. Puckett says the Fitzgerald topiary could even include an apartment for overnight rentals and an observation deck. It should be ready by year’s end.