POST TIME: 16 November, 2019 10:51:57 PM
Encourage fruit production

Encourage fruit production

Bangladesh imports different kinds of fruits including the citrus ones such as oranges and malta as farmers usually do not grow these fruits here. Imported fruits such as apple, citrus fruits, date, etc. make the fruit shops here attractive. This means the country depends on import of fruits to meet the domestic demand. But if farmers are motivated to grow fruits, it will not only reduce their import saving precious foreign currencies, inside the country the farmers will also be hugely benefitted financially.

That is why the initiative of Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) to encourage local farmers through its field level subordinates is laudable. Their priority among the fruits is the citrus ones. Through adopting modern technologies and existing natural resources, DAE has rightly pointed out the country can become self-reliant in growing fruits. Genetic engineering of plants have made wonder in fruit production even in Bangladesh. Tasty plume varieties such as Baukul and Apple Kul, besides meeting the nutritional demands of their consumers, have become sources of income for their growers.  

Then there are guavas and jujubes. There are few people who resist eating these fruits in their fresh form. But these varieties are local ones modified by Bangladesh’s agricultural scientists. In the case of citrus fruits also the land of Bangladesh can be profitably used. Orange and malta can be grown in Bangladesh. Fruits can also be modified for cultivation in Bangladesh if necessary. The agricultural experts at a Rajshahi workshop “Extension, Management and Yield Enhancement of Citrus Fruits” mentioned the greater Rajshahi and Bogura districts and the adjacent areas are regarded as the country’s most prospective citrus fruit producing region.

Already, production of fruit is one of the major income-generating activities in the region. Here fruit farming has become most profitable than other crops in recent years making thousands of farmers and commoners economically benefitted during the past few years. We need to take fruits for their valuable nutrients. Few would disagree that a prosperous nation eats healthily and all kinds of fruits are good for human health.  To make fruit production more popular, DAE has to work closely with the farmers, aiding them with all necessary help.