POST TIME: 2 December, 2019 10:18:16 AM
Shamim, Farin’s ‘Joban’ released on YouTube

Shamim, Farin’s ‘Joban’ released on YouTube

Photo Courtesy : Golam Sabbir

Renowned YouTuber-actor Shamim Hasan Sarkar and young model-actress Tasnia Farin have paired up together for the tele-drama titled ‘Joban’.

The tele-drama was released on YouTube recently.

After a short break from the showbiz industry, ‘Joban’ is the comeback project of actor-director Ishtiak Ahmed Rumel. He has both written and directed the drama.

DhakaLive has news that the tele-drama was released on the new YouTube channel of AJS Creative Media on Thursday evening.

Talking about the tele-drama, Farin said, “I have earlier worked with Shamim bhai (Shamim Hasan Sarkar) in multiple projects under various directors. However, in this drama my character was equally challenging as that of Shamim bhai. It was also my first collaboration with Ishtiak Ahmed Rumel. Overall, the entire production of the drama went really well. I am hopeful about this work as it contains a unique story.”

“My character in ‘Joban’ was challenging. I was very focused during my performance and I tried to follow the direction of Rumel bhai. Farin and I share a mutual understanding and she is one of my favourite co-artistes”, said Shamim on his part.