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Stress on community role to prevent HIV/AIDS infection
BSS, Rajshahi

Stress on community role to prevent HIV/AIDS infection

Health and Family Welfare Ministry brings out a procession on Manik Mia Avenue in the capital yesterday marking World AIDS Day. Independent Photo

Health experts here yesterday called for  mass awareness, especially among the youths to prevent spread of HIV/AIDS in the region. They underscored for creating mass awareness about diseases like AIDS, health rules during sexual contacts, developing religious ethics and moral values, and involving the socio-religious and political leaders for prevention of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Civil Surgeon Office organised the discussion in association with nine NGOs and voluntary organisations to mark the World AIDS Day-2019 in the city. ‘Communities make the difference’ was the main theme of the day.

Chaired by Deputy civil Surgeon Dr Jahangir Alam, the meeting was addressed, among others, by Superintendent of Divisional Police Hospital Dr Nazrul Islam, Junior Consultant of Tuberculosis Clinic Dr Chandan Kumar Pramanik, Executive Director of Asakta Punarbasan Kendro Abul Bashar and District Brac Representative Jahedul Islam.

Dr Chandan Kumar Pramanik underscored the need for substantial and sustainable reduction of the existing HIV/AIDS risks. He stressed on concerted efforts of all quarters especially the community people.

He said HIV/AIDS is not only a health issue but also social concern and called for more coordination among different organizations and stakeholders to attain cherished results.

Dr Sobhan added that stigma and negative attitude towards the vulnerable population are the main challenge to prevent the HIV/AIDS. Jahedul Islam emphasized the need for protecting the infected persons from their human rights violations as they are also the integral part of the society.