POST TIME: 9 December, 2019 01:04:57 AM / LAST MODIFIED: 9 December, 2019 12:57:33 PM
ACC wants power to file cases
money laundering

ACC wants power
to file cases

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Chairman Iqbal Mahmood has said the commission should be given the power to file money laundering cases to bring culprits to book At present, only the National Revenue Board (NBR), Bangladesh Bank (BB), and CID have the authority to file money laundering cases.

He was responding to reporters’ queries yesterday at a meet-the-press programme, organised by Reporters Against Corruption (RAC), at the ACC head office. Iqbal Mahmood has said the ACC is 100 per cent successful regarding the filing and disposal of money laundering cases.

“The commission had filed 34 cases regarding money laundering, and the court delivered the verdict in favour of the commission in all those cases,” he explained.  

According to sources, lower courts did not conduct the trial proceeding of 302 cases following the stay order of the Appellate Division and the High Court Division.

“A total of 511 cases are now pending before the High Court (HC) for disposal. Among them, the Supreme Court (SC) in 2018 disposed of 112 cases. The commission won legal battle in 60 cases, while it lost in 52 cases,” the ACC chief said. 

He also said the commission could not file the cases under the Money Laundering Act due to the amendment of the concerned law in 2015.  “Now, the power of filing money laundering cases lies with the NBR, BB, and CID. This power should be given to the commission,” he claimed.

“We are now observing that trade-based money laundering is taking place quite frequently. If any authority does not file money laundering cases over trade-based laundering, we’ll take up the matter,” he said.

“If somebody fails to act, we’ll hunt them out. After all, we are very serious about bringing the corrupt people to book,” he added.

The ACC chief also pointed out that if anyone is under the commission’s scanner, there is no way for that person to get out of its net. “A total of 187 people are now under the ACC scanner. We’re investigating about their alleged involvement in corruption over amassing wealth beyond their known sources of income. No corrupt people can escape from the ACC net,” he said.

The ACC chief also urged everyone to come forward to assist the commission in its fight against corruption. “Corruption cannot be eradicated from society without everyone’s help,” he said.

Recently, barrister Fazle Noor Taposh, a lawmaker, had asked the ACC chairman to resign for his failure to include the name of Abdul Hye Bacchu in the first information report (FIR) of the cases filed over the Basic Bank scam.