POST TIME: 12 January, 2020 07:54:21 PM
9 most beautiful streets across the world to visit
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9 most beautiful streets across the world to visit

Add these beautiful streets in your list of places to visit in the world. Photo: NDTV

Who doesn't love visiting beautiful places? Walking through stunning streets can of course make you feel transported to another world. It is rightly said that there's beauty everywhere in this world.

And some corners, especially, can bowl you over completely with its beauty - from beautiful architecture to shopping streets, historic blue walls and tree-lined avenues. 

From beautiful architecture to shopping streets, historic blue walls and tree-lined avenues, these are superb strolling spots.

1. Hosier Lane, Melbourne, Australia

Hosier Lane is Melbourne is renowned for its street art that makes it a perfect spot to click a bunch of selfies or just walk around and surround yourself with pop art.

2. Cockburn Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

Victorian Era is over, but its charm still remains through the beautiful architecture that you can notice while walking down Cockburn Street in Edinburgh.

3. Herbert Baker Street, Pretoria, South Africa

We are sure you have heard about cherry blossoms. But what about Jacaranda trees that too bear colourful flowers? To lose yourself to nature's beauty, you definitely need to pass through Herbert Baker Street in Pretoria while on a trip to South Africa.

4. Jodhpur Streets, India

Jodhpur, more popularly known as the Blue City, features in everyone's list of places to visit while in Rajasthan, India. A walk through the narrow lanes of the city will leave you spellbound with its pretty blue coloured houses featuring ornate detailing.

5. Bregagh Road, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Forming a blissful canopy of mature beech trees, driving through Bregagh Road in County Antrim will instantly lift your mood as nature's beauty works its spell on you.

6. Via Dei Coronari, Rome, Italy

While on a trip to Italy, food is sure to be at the top of your mind. And with streets being dotted by cosy Roman cafes, such as Via Dei Coronari in Rome, you will definitely find yourself at a loss of words.

7. The Philosopher's Walk, Kyoto, Japan

Can't imagine visiting Japan without experiencing the bloom of cherry blossoms or sakura? We don't blame you. The Philosopher's Walk in Kyoto is sure to bowl you over.

8. Old Town, Mykonos, Greece

Say Greece, and we can't help but picture pristine white-washed walls against the stunning blue of the ocean. A walk through old town in Mykonos is what dreams are made of.

9. Rua Luis De Camoes, Agueda, Portugal

Imagine walking through a street that is adorned with bright colourful umbrellas, forming a dreamy ceiling. The Umbrella Sky Project in Rua Luis De Camoes, Agueda makes walking through the street an absolute treat.

So how many have you been to and which places do you plan to visit next?