POST TIME: 26 January, 2020 08:03:07 PM
Reasons to turn your hair grey
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Reasons to turn your hair grey

Don't let grey hair bring you down. Photo: Collected/Representational

Have you ever studied your hair line in the mirror and wondered how it got strands of white when you weren't even close to seniority?

Your very worrying about it could be the reason why your hair is turning grey. No, we aren't kidding! Science has linked hair turning prematurely grey with stress.

Researchers from a Harvard University study found that stress causes the sympathetic nerve system to release the chemical norepinephrine, which gets taken up by nearby pigment-regenerating stem cells.

Certain stem cells act as a reservoir of pigment-producing cells so when hair regenerates, some of the stem cells convert into pigment-producing cells that colour the hair. They found that the norepinephrine from sympathetic nerves causes the stem cells to activate excessively. The stem cells all convert into pigment-producing cells, prematurely depleting the reservoir.

Study researcher Isaac Chiu says, "With this study, we now know that neurons can control stem cells and their function, and can explain how they interact at the cellular and molecular level to link stress with hair graying."

If stress and other factors like genetics have turned your locks from black to grey, it may seem like there's no turning back.

Fortunately, temporary solutions like hair colours, sprays and potions can dye your hair the shade of your choice for periods that range from days to months.